Getting the Best VPN Australia for torrenting can be a challenging task considering that there are many options for you to choose. For this reason, you need to conduct a market research to enable you to make an informed decision as to the appropriate VPN service provider. Here is a review of Private Internet Access:

Cost effectiveness

kjkjd87sdjhsdsOne of the primary reasons why many people prefer Private Internet Access in the market is because of its financial considerations. It offers the best price for you compared to all other service providers. When you subscribe for a month, the cost is at $6.95. However, the fee can go down to $3.33 every month should you opt for the annual subscription at the rate of $39.95. Moreover, this VPN supplier appeals to many people because it accepts a variety of payment options available. You can decide to pay via Google Wallet, Amazon, PayPal, or credit card. For greater privacy, you can still use Bitcoin.

Confidentiality and anonymity concern

Similar to other VPNs, PIA does not store any logs including metadata, traffic data, or DNS data. Using its Kill Switch, it makes sure that the traffic stops as soon as the connection goes off. It has DNS leak protection, as well as the IPv6 leak safeguards to ensure no log remains saved. PIA also has a shared IP system that inhibits the traceability of your browsing. You are free to torrent and share your streams because it does not interfere with your online surfing in any manner.

Excellent experience

You only need an email address to subscribe with the facility. Upon registering, PIA offers a simple or an elaborate VPN set up depending on how you want it to be. You have the opportunity customize your account through a downloaded PIA client or using an inbuilt VPN client if you have it on your OS. It provides a user-friendly experience through an instructions manual available on their website that can guide you to choose the level of encryption you prefer between PPTP protocols, L2TP/IPSec, or OpenVPN.

Post subscription support and devices

jhsssssAfter opening an account with PIA, you get assistance from a team of professionals operating 24 hours a day to help you with any difficulty you may face when setting up the system or when connecting. The experts support you through a platform for live charts. It also allows you to log about three different gadgets including gaming consoles. Other customer services you can get include opting for a ticket in addition to accessing several resources and guides on their network.