League of Legends is a classic multiplayer online game which is packed with versatile features and playstyles. The major attraction in this game is the heroes or the champions. Champions are the player-controlled characters which are having a set of special abilities and augments. You can buy elo boost to improve your performance. The heroes make the game more attractive, interesting, and entertaining.

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At each game level, you will come across with many heroes. They are available from Level 1 to Level 18 in this game. Each champion or hero has a basic attack, a passive, and four abilities.

A basic attack

You can perform a basic attack by right clicking on the enemy. And the heroes will automatically and continuously attack the enemies until you command them back. These attacks are either ranged or melee.


It is an innate character that affects the gameplay.
The four abilities: Most of the heroes have three basic abilities and one ultimate ability which makes them more powerful, and unique. Each hero can perform three significant damages while defending itself against its opponent.

1.A physical damage which is done through the basic attacks mainly.
2.A magic damage which is dealt through the champion’s abilities.
3.A true damage which is typically rare and less-frequent.

The roles of the heroes

Each hero can perform six different roles. It often plays primary and secondary roles as well.


They are the powerful champions who uses their abilities and potentials to deal with magic damage and destroy enemies.


They primarily uses their basic attacks to cause physical damage to the single-targeted opponent.


They have medium survivability and damage. They are typically melee, who combine moderate damage and defense.


They are also the melees. But they have higher defense potential with less damage output. Their main job is to disrupt, disable, and protect.


They ejmkm2neded6y2e7u8i292xcel some protecting and empowering skills to destroy and thrash the enemies. They have mainly two roles: ranged mage support and melee tank support.


They excel extreme mobility and massive damage output. They can create burst damage to kill the opponents instantly.

The top heroes for the beginners
  • Cho’gath: This hero has the best lane sustain in this game because of its passive ability. Cho’gath has the biggest base amount of health points in this game.
  • Renekton: The crocodile has the most simple, easy, and straightforward strategy in this game.
  • Annie: This hero is the most effective and useful mid lane champion in this game.