AppNana is one of the latest applications that can cater Android as well as iOS users with their need to earn “nanas” or factors. These nanas can serve as payment for gift playing cards or even paid applications. AppNana is a point-based system; therefore, you are required to collect enough points to be able to trade them to another product or service. However, to acquire nanas, you may need to pay an amount of money, and most of the time, this can be expensive.

A guide to AppNana hack

Introduction to AppNana

So, if you’re new to this application, we’ve provided a beginners guide to AppNana Hack, so you can enjoy a cost-free means of earning nanas or factors. In other words, you will be able to acquire unlimited nanas for the redemption of various rewards. You won’t need to worry about anything since the hack has user-friendly interface since instructions are generously provided to walk you through.


So, if you are not so much even into basic programming, yet you are interested in accumulating nanas, this application will work best for you. Another great thing about the hack is that you will be saved from the numerous codes because most of the time these codes become overused or saturated.

Requirement for AppNana hack

You will not need specific software to be able to run the program. All the necessary applications and programs are readily included in the package that you will download. What you will need to do is to simply connect your device to a computer using a USB cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The package includes four basic files including the Appnana_hack.exe so you can run the application, Autoupdate.exe so you can acquire automatic updates, database.dll for the database servers and finally, license.dll for the necessary licenses in using the Appnana codes.

AppNana hack security

Finally, you won’t need to worry about security, because the program is 100% proxy protected, which can change your IP address so that you will remain undetected. You will not also have to be scared of potential virus infiltration, as the program is clean and safe from suspicious attacks, letting your device stay clean even after the installation process.


These are just some of the pointers included in the beginner’s guide to AppNana hack. These ideas will give you a breeze when downloading and installing as well as using the program. Reward yourself with infinite nanas and acquire various rewards, such as Google Play cards, iTunes coupons, Amazon cards and other network coupons.