Features Of mSpy.com


MSpy is a user-friendly and a very popular application for monitoring the use of company-issued smartphones, preventing theft and watching over your kids. Go to http://www.placepop.com/cell-phone-tracker/highster-mobile/ and find more about the app. It is installed on the target phone where it tracks all activity including web history, emails, text messages, calendar updates, GPS location and call log history. You only need to create a personal mSpy online account to view the tracked data.

mspy.com features

Read text messages and track internet activitydffjdhgjfjdg

The mSpy tracking application can monitor a wide range of messages, including SMS and those from Viber, Skype, iMesage and Facebook. You only need mSpy to see the messages that a user is sending on various messaging apps. The app will provide the URLs of the sites visited as well as the activity of the phone being monitored on sites such as Facebook Messenger and Skype.

View videos and photos

MSpy enables you to access and view all the videos and photos on the tracked phone. The app downloads all the videos and photos taken with the phone and saves them into your account. You only need to log in to account to view them.

Key logging

The keylogging capability of this application allows it to send texts to your subscriber control panel by capturing the keys pressed on the phone being monitored. Subsequently, you will be able to see any textual communication initiated.

Website blocking and restriction of incoming calls

The app allows you to view and block any installed app and access to any predefined number. Also, you can restrict incoming calls from predefined numbers using this application.

Access calendar and address book

This feature allows you to view all the phone numbers saved on the phone memory of the monitored phone and their corresponding names.

Security and management feature

The management features give you the freedom to choose how to access the tracked data while the security features allow yosfdsfsfsfsfsu to delete the app, lock the phone and wipe phone data.

Location tracking via GPS

The application can show you the exact location of the phone being monitored on Google maps. You can view the location at any time.

Call history

The mSpy software lets you track all the outgoing and incoming calls, the contact numbers, the number of calls made or received, the time the calls took place and how long each call lasted.

It is clear that this application has great features for anyone wishing to track the activity of another phone. You need to have the device that you want to track so as to run this app and monitor it remotely.