Having a caller ID in your business is crucial to enable you to identify callers and call back in case you missed a call. The display unit of the caller ID equipment shows the name, number, time and date the call was made, and the voice messages left behind. Do know a caller ID equipment called whozz calling? POS Basic by Pos Shopper can provide you with that. Also, I have listed some reasons why you should use caller ID in your business.

Reasons to use a caller ID in your Business

Call Forwarding

dfgdfgfdgdfgfdgSometimes in business, you may receive an important call while in the middle of a meeting or when making another call. In this case, a caller ID equipment will be useful where you can transfer the call to someone else in the office with instructions on how to handle the caller. You can also auto-set your caller ID unit to request the caller to make the call after a specific period. All you have to do is to choose a call forwarding feature for your frontier phone. These features include: Forward All Calls, Forward Deluxe, Forward Unanswered and Forward Busy. All these features will help you choose a detailed instruction in the case above.

Caller Identification

This feature of a caller ID lets you see the name of the caller so that you can decide whether to receive or decline the call. The display unit attached to your phone shows the caller’s details. It is important to have this equipment in your business so that you can retrieve documents that the caller may be calling to inquire about. Secondly, identifying the caller will allow you to transfer the call to another person in a department related to the caller.

Call Waiting

Another important feature of a caller ID is the Call Waiting. This allows you to answer another call when you are currently on another line. This feature comes with a distinctive beep or sound that lets you know whether the call is cellular or if it is a long range call. There is a special tone that alerts you of the second incoming call. You can alternate between the callers, whereas, when engaging one caller, the other caller is automatically kept on hold. If you choose to ignore the alerting tone for the second incoming call, the caller will simply hear the normal ring until an automatic transferred to the voicemail.

Call Blocking

A caller ID equipment has an option to customize your calls so that selected calls and maybe anonymous calls are automatically blocked. This way you are protected from fraudsters who may have had access to your business number.