Whether you are a beginner or a pro, one of the most important things that you need when editing or mixing sounds, producing music, and other related tasks, is a set of studio monitors. When you are considering replacing or upgrading the current pair that you have, or perhaps buying your very first set, you must know how to choose the best studio monitors that suit your needs, depending on how or where you are going to use them.

Choosing the best studio monitors

hdhjd74In today’s market, you will find various types of studio monitors. Some are small, while some are big. The features may vary too, and this what makes it quite hard for an individual, especially a first-time buyer, to choose the best set. So, again, knowing what you need is very important if you want to ensure that you will get a pair that best suits your expectations. Check out 10insights and see the best studio monitors in 2017.

Below are some tips that you would need when choosing the best studio monitors.

Know the main purpose

To start your quest for the best studio monitors, you must first know the main purpose. What type of music are you into? Do you intend to create R&B beats? Or, would it be a more challenging type of beats? These are just some of the considerations that you have to make when determining the main purpose of the studio monitors that you would like to purchase.

These devices can also be used for songwriting or recording. Therefore, you have to know what exactly you are going to use them for. This way, you will have a better idea as to which ones would be the right set for your tasks.

Try them out

One thing that you can do if it is your first time to buy studio monitors is to go to the store and try out the different units that they have. You can try to create the type of music right there and see if the devices are good enough.

When doing this, it is imperative that you listen carefully to the sounds. Do they sound good enough for you? Do they meet your expectations especially when it comes to the quality of music that you want to create?

Look for something that fits your budget


The price of the studio monitors is another thing that buyers must consider. But the thing is, you should keep in mind that going for the cheap ones is not always beneficial. It would best for you to look for studio monitors that are affordable and of high-quality.

Getting the Best Technology Gifts for Men (3)

Men are often obsessed with technology. It is hence important when getting a present for your gentleman; you should include technology in your wish list. We are going to look at some of the best tech gifts you can buy for your loved one.

  • Selfie stick

People all over the world are obsessed with selfies. Getting a selfie stick for your man may be a good idea. It can extend up to one meter thus enabling long range captures. Includes a phone clamp where you can clamp your phone whilst taking selfies.

  • Wireless game console

This is another perfect option you can go for. Men often relax in their houses either watching a movie or playing a video game. You can reduce the hustle by purchasing wireless consoles. It comes with 16-bit built-in games.

  • Travel Power Bank

This is a portable power bank. You can carry it along while travelling to charge your smart phone. There is nothing irritating than being in the middle of nowhere then your phone goes off due to charge. It is a perfect gadget for your holidays.

  • Sky Drone

Getting a sky drone as a gift may be ideal for that outdoor man, one who likes exploring the world. It is fitted with a camera hence you can record the entire journey it covers.it is compatible with both IOS and Android devices.

  • Wood Record Player

This is an all-in-one turntable. It is fitted with built-in speakers. Wood record player may make a good gift for music lovers. If your man is passionate with music and always have the urge of trying new things out, then going for this as a gift will be perfect.

  • Shower Clock Radio

We all have busy schedules. Following the same, old routines may be boring. Shower clock radio can at least add some spice to your daily routine. You can now enjoy your morning shower while listening to your jams on your local radio stations. Apart from entertainment, it may act as a timer as well.

Getting the Best Technology Gifts for Men (2)

  • Smart Watch

A lot of men find it harder to wake up early in the morning. But with a smart watch, waking and hitting the gym will be quite easy. It doubles up as a sleep tracker that helps you achieve your daily goals. Alongside your smartphone via a downloadable app, smart watch provide you with up to date information at your wrist arm. You can get any notification. Be it a message or a call.

The above gifts constitute some of the best technology gifts you can get for a man. The next time you thinking of a gift, go for the above depending on the type of man the gift is intended to.